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      Case Study: Roof Doctors Strategic Head of Sales Recruitment


      Roof Doctors, a prominent roofing service company, faced a pivotal moment in its growth trajectory. To achieve its ambitious goals of increasing revenue and expanding territory, Roof Doctors required a dynamic and experienced Head of Sales. Recognizing the critical nature of this hire, Roof Doctors retained Cowen Partners Executive Search, a leading national executive search firm known for its rigorous candidate selection process and deep industry connections.

      The Challenge

      As Roof Doctors sought to expand its operations nationally, the need for a top-tier Head of Sales became apparent. The role required not just expertise in sales but also a profound understanding of the roofing industry and the ability to scale operations effectively. The company needed a leader who could not only strategize but also execute on these strategies to drive real growth.


      1. Identify a Strategic Leader: Find a candidate who is not just a manager but a strategic thinker with proven ability to expand business territories.
      2. Industry Expertise: Ensure the candidate has a strong background in the roofing or similar industries to understand market dynamics and customer needs.
      3. Cultural Fit: The new Head of Sales needed to resonate with the core values and culture of Roof Doctors to foster team alignment and morale.

      The Search Process

      Cowen Partners employed a multifaceted approach to the search:

      1. Industry Mapping: Conducted a thorough analysis of the industry to identify key players and talent pools.
      2. Networking: Leveraged existing connections within the roofing and related industries for referrals and insights.
      3. Targeted Outreach: Reached out to potential candidates through direct channels, presenting the opportunity and the strategic importance of the role.
      4. Rigorous Screening: Implemented a multi-stage interview process that included behavioral assessments, skill evaluations, and strategy presentations to ensure comprehensive candidate assessment.


      After a national search, Cowen Partners successfully placed a seasoned professional with over 15 years of sales leadership experience in the construction and building materials industry. The new Head of Sales brought a track record of successful market expansions and was well-versed in assembling and leading high-performing sales teams.


      Within the first year of joining, the new Head of Sales implemented a series of strategic initiatives aimed at increasing market penetration and optimizing sales processes. These initiatives resulted in:

      • A 25% increase in year-over-year revenue.
      • Expansion into four new states, increasing the company’s territory by 20%.
      • Enhanced sales team performance through targeted training programs and revised sales incentive structures.


      The partnership between Roof Doctors and Cowen Partners Executive Search exemplifies the importance of strategic hiring decisions at the executive level. By understanding Roof Doctors’ specific needs and meticulously searching for the right candidate, Cowen Partners played a pivotal role in helping Roof Doctors achieve its growth objectives. This case study not only highlights the effectiveness of a well-executed executive search but also underscores the impact of strategic leadership in driving business expansion.

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