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      Case Study: Recruiting an Operations Counsel for Adapt Health

      Client: Adapt Health
      Industry: Healthcare
      Objective: Hire an Operations Counsel to support the company’s multi-state, multi-division operations.


      Adapt Health, a prominent provider in the healthcare sector, operates across multiple states and divisions, delivering comprehensive home medical equipment and services. As the company expanded, managing legal complexities related to healthcare regulations, mergers, acquisitions, and operational compliance became increasingly critical. Adapt Health sought to recruit a highly qualified Operations Counsel to address these needs effectively.


      The challenge was to find a candidate who not only had extensive legal expertise in healthcare regulations but also was adept at handling the complexities of a rapidly growing multi-divisional business. The candidate needed to possess strong skills in contract negotiation, compliance management, and strategic legal advising, and be able to operate effectively in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.


      1. Requirement Analysis: We worked closely with Adapt Health’s leadership to outline the specific skills and experience required for the role. It was determined that the ideal candidate would need experience with healthcare law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and multi-state regulatory frameworks.
      2. Specialized Search: We leveraged our network in the legal and healthcare sectors to identify potential candidates. This search included targeted outreach to individuals in similar roles and consultation with industry insiders for recommendations.
      3. Comprehensive Screening Process: Candidates underwent a thorough screening that included interviews focusing on their legal expertise and past experiences with complex healthcare operations. We also conducted practical assessments to evaluate their ability to draft and negotiate contracts and handle compliance issues.
      4. Scenario-Based Assessments: To gauge candidates’ real-world problem-solving abilities, we provided scenarios related to typical challenges they might face at Adapt Health, such as navigating a new healthcare regulation or managing a merger between different state operations.
      5. Cultural and Ethical Fit: Given Adapt Health’s commitment to integrity and patient care, we assessed candidates for their alignment with these values. This included evaluating their decision-making processes and ethical reasoning in past roles.


      After an exhaustive recruitment process, a highly qualified candidate with over a decade of healthcare law experience was selected. This individual brought a robust background in managing legal aspects of multi-state healthcare operations and a proven track record of strategic advising on corporate matters.

      Their initial contributions included:

      • Regulatory Compliance Framework: Developing a comprehensive compliance framework to ensure all divisions met state-specific healthcare regulations.
      • M&A Strategic Oversight: Leading legal oversight in several strategic acquisitions, ensuring smooth integrations while maintaining compliance with federal and state laws.
      • Training and Development: Implementing training programs for the legal and operational teams to enhance understanding of compliance and legal responsibilities across divisions.


      The recruitment of an adept Operations Counsel has significantly strengthened Adapt Health’s capability to navigate the legal complexities of the healthcare industry. This strategic addition to their team supports Adapt Health’s growth objectives while ensuring compliance and operational efficiency across its extensive network.

      About Adapt Health

      AdaptHealth is a network of full-service medical equipment companies that use tailored products and services to empower patients to live their best lives – out of the hospital and in their homes.

      We are a full-service home medical equipment and respiratory company with operations in 46 states offering a breadth of clinically-focused products and services to help patients with daily activities of life including: sleep and respiratory therapy, mobility products, wound care, non-invasive ventilation and nutrition.

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