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      Case Study: Executive Search for Wesco’s Chief Information Officer

      Client Profile

      Company: Wesco
      Industry: Paint and Equipment Supply
      Establishment: Over 45 years ago
      Headquarters: North America
      Locations: 200+ across North America
      Annual Revenue: Over $1 billion

      Business Challenge

      Wesco, a leading supplier of paint and equipment in diverse markets including automotive, industrial, and aerospace, faced the challenge of modernizing its IT infrastructure to support its rapid expansion and diverse operational needs. To navigate this transformation, Wesco needed to recruit a Chief Information Officer (CIO) capable of leading significant IT advancements, including the migration to a new integrated ERP platform and enhancing digital security across the organization.


      The goal was to find a seasoned CIO who could drive technology strategy aligned with Wesco’s aggressive growth plans and operational efficiency targets. The new CIO would need to oversee major technology overhauls, manage a significant IT budget, and lead a distributed team in a multi-location environment.

      Our Role

      Cowen Partners Executive Search was retained to conduct this high-level search. We were responsible for crafting a compelling job description, identifying and vetting candidates, and guiding the recruitment process to a successful hire.


      1. Job Description Development: We collaborated with Wesco to develop a detailed job description that highlighted the strategic importance of the CIO role, the qualifications required, and the responsibilities it entailed.
      2. Strategic Search Planning: Our approach involved mapping the market for candidates who not only met the technical and leadership criteria but also had proven experience in managing large-scale IT transformations in similar industries.
      3. Targeted Recruitment: Utilizing our extensive network and industry contacts, we identified potential candidates who had demonstrated success in roles requiring similar technological and leadership skills.
      4. Evaluation and Shortlisting: Candidates underwent a rigorous vetting process including behavioral interviews, technical assessments, and leadership capability evaluations to ensure they matched Wesco’s high standards and cultural fit.
      5. Interview Facilitation: We coordinated interviews between Wesco’s senior leadership and the top candidates, providing guidance on the evaluation criteria and decision-making.
      6. Offer Negotiation and Onboarding: Once the selected candidate was identified, we assisted in negotiating the employment terms and facilitated a smooth transition into the role, ensuring that both parties were satisfied.


      The search culminated in the successful placement of a CIO who possessed a robust background in IT strategy and operations, with specific experience in ERP implementation and cybersecurity within multi-location business environments. The newly appointed CIO immediately began to impact the organization by spearheading strategic IT initiatives aligned with Wesco’s business goals.


      Our effective partnership with Wesco in this executive search helped them secure a leader who was well-equipped to drive their IT transformation. This placement not only met but exceeded Wesco’s expectations, setting the stage for future technological advancements and solidifying their market leadership. This case study underscores the importance of a meticulous approach to executive recruitment in achieving strategic business objectives.

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