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      Case Study: Executive Recruitment for Global X ETFs

      Client Profile

      Company: Global X ETFs
      Industry: Finance (Exchange-Traded Funds)
      Founded: 2008
      Headquarters: New York City, USA
      Global Presence: North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America
      Assets Under Management: $38 Billion
      Specialization: Thematic Investing, Income Solutions, International Access
      Number of Funds: Over 100

      Business Challenge

      Global X ETFs, a pioneer in thematic investing with a vast portfolio of over 100 funds, sought to bolster its leadership team by adding a highly specialized role: Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Events. This strategic position was crucial for sustaining the firm’s innovative edge and furthering its global reach, especially in emerging markets. The challenge was not only to find someone with the right expertise in global marketing and events within the finance sector but also someone who could seamlessly integrate into the firm’s dynamic and evolving culture.

      Our Role

      Our executive search firm was entrusted with the task to identify and recruit a suitable candidate for this high-profile role. We focused on leveraging our deep industry knowledge, extensive network, and a tailored search strategy to meet Global X ETFs’ specific needs.


      1. Understanding the Client’s Needs: We initiated the project by conducting in-depth discussions with key stakeholders at Global X ETFs to understand their strategic goals, the specific role requirements, and the desired attributes of the candidate.
      2. Market Mapping and Talent Scouting: Utilizing our proprietary databases and industry contacts, we mapped out potential candidates globally who met the criteria. Special attention was given to professionals who had experience in managing large-scale international events and had a proven track record in innovative marketing strategies within the ETF or broader financial sector.
      3. Candidate Evaluation: Our rigorous selection process involved initial screenings, structured interviews, and assessments to evaluate candidates’ competencies and potential for cultural fit within Global X ETFs.
      4. Interviews and Shortlisting: The most promising candidates were shortlisted and presented to Global X ETFs. We facilitated a series of interviews with the firm’s senior leadership, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation from multiple perspectives.
      5. Selection and Onboarding: Once the ideal candidate was selected, we assisted in negotiating terms and facilitated a smooth onboarding process to ensure a successful integration into the company.


      The recruitment process was completed within the stipulated timeline, and Global X ETFs successfully onboarded a highly competent Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Events. The new hire brought on board extensive experience and fresh perspectives crucial for driving Global X ETFs’ marketing strategies and enhancing its brand visibility across global markets.


      Our targeted approach not only filled a critical position at Global X ETFs but also reinforced our client’s position as a leader in thematic investing globally. The success of this recruitment process has further solidified our partnership with Global X ETFs, positioning us as a trusted advisor for future executive searches. This case exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored recruitment solutions that align with our clients’ strategic business goals.

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